Always happy to help those in need of visuals to support their work, Anne Olson is an illustrator on a mission.  Knowing full well that even the simplest ideas or the most complicated information can benefit from a visual to convey the message, Anne brings a passion to the table that is coupled with over 25 years of experience.  The Medical Illustration program at Rochester Institute of Technology prepared her for visual support in the medical, legal and educational fields. She put that preparation to work as Senior Medical Illustrator for Carolinas HealthCare System for over 16 years, working with some of the top doctors and researchers in the area.  And now, as co-owner of Blazon Productions, LLC, Anne has collaborated with doctors, researchers, attorneys and publishers from all over the country on their illustration and design needs.

Anne Olson
Founding Partner
Blazon Productions LLC
Blazon Productions LLC
12431 Cardinal Point Rd
Charlotte NC, 28269